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Transportation of Goods Across Canada

Whatever your product type – from temperature-sensitive food and beverage to dry food grade packaging or ingredients and everything in between – Birkett Freight Solutions will do what is necessary to ensure your goods arrive as excepted and on time!

Our transportation professionals are trained and knowledgeable about safe food handling techniques and logistics, and work hard to communicate honestly ensuring the supply chain integrity of your cargo. We aren’t afraid of a challenge or trying new things – whatever you need, chances are we can do it.

All Birkett trailers and straight trucks are temperature controlled. Our 53 foot tridem trailers feature three different temperature zones that can each be set to individual climate specifications. Our 5,000 square foot cross-dock is refrigerated at 36 degrees, and we also have a -20 freezer for fast freezing and storage.

Birkett Freight Solutions goes the extra mile to ensure all goods are well taken care of and handled safely in controlled environments so you have peace of mind.


All of our trucks and trailers are tracked via satellite communication so you know where they are at any given time. We also track the reefer function and tempuratures wirelessly. All drivers have smartphones for tracking and communication, and are available for communication via any medium, as a means to coordinate the ongoing customer changes in a proactive way.

Team Services

Birkett Freight Solutions is also proud to offer “team service” to and from the Miami, Florida region of the USA. Running 2 teams per week, Birkett would like to partner up with someone requiring dedicated year round service on this time sensitive lane. Service out of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta to South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.