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Refrigerated Equipment

At Birkett Freight Solutions, we specialize in the transportation, cross-docking and handling of temperature sensitive food grade products, be it meat, produce, processed foods, beverage or ingredients. The training of safe food handling practices extends not only to the transportation and warehouse teams, but also our maintenance facility. Together this team of professionals does all they can to ensure your goods are transported and handled in a food safe manner throughout the supply chain process. Over the past 27 years of business, we have seen the requirements evolve, but our mindset has been the same since the beginning….maintain equipment, maintain temperatures and maintain communication. Equipment has improved with time. Trailers are better insulated, reefer capacities have improved and temperature control is better maintained due to the micro-chip. Our state of the art trailers are all “downloadable” and satellite tracked.

Whatever your challenge, we will find the best way to transport your goods to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition within a safe and acceptable time-frame.

Our fleet is comprised of single and multi-temp trailers, tandem and tridem and all designed to achieve the “on Temp” requirements of your shipments. Our electronically monitored cross-dock and warehouse is temperature controlled and can handle a range of requirements down to -20.

The Birkett warehouse is audited annually by NSF International for Good Distributions Practices and food safety to a “Gold Standard”, as well as being HACCP and CFIA compliant.

refrigerated equipment