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Cross Docking Services

Birkett offers complete cross docking services so our customers can reduce storage, handling and transportation costs while improving equipment turnaround speed. We collaborate well with other carriers to route products from various sites through our distribution center. From there, we can consolidate the items into one or multiple shipments depending on your needs, and send them back out to reach their destinations on time.

Cross-docking is ideal for customers who:

  • Ship items from one or more facilities to one location in order to do additional work
  • Need special services such as labeling, repacking, order fulfillment, or product assembly
  • Require consolidation of multiple shipments into one bulk shipment
  • Need to reduce overhead costs from storing inventory in-house
Hours of Operation:

Sunday - Saturday: 8am – 4:30pm
Sunday - Thursday: 10pm - 4am
Alternate hours can be available upon contact to our Warehouse Department @ ext. 215
Emergency call-outs are also available.

Cross Docking